Kira Shcherbakova


  Christian Singer/Songwriter

Booking Policy

Financial Expectations: I come for a love offering and travel reimbursement.

Travel Reimbursement: If driving, I request $0.25/mile, round trip. So if you're 600 miles from me, that's $300 for travel reimbursement. My location is Levittown, PA 19056. If flying is less expensive, I can do that. I always choose the least expensive travel option to lessen the burden on the church.

If I need to fly to your church, I will need reimbursement of travel expenses right away, at the time of booking the travel (flight, airport parking and rental car.) Receipts will be provided. If you need to cancel/reschedule, I'll cancel what I can (airport parking, car rental) and refund your reimbursement for those things, but will keep the amount to cover non-refundable expenses, usually plane tickets. The least expensive plane tickets are non-refundable and those are the ones I buy, to decrease expenses. Thank you for understanding.

Lodging: If your church is more than three hours from home, I'll need a place to stay, preferably with a family. (Hotels are lonely.)


Ladies' Retreat/Luncheon

Fundraiser - Music & Comedy

Senior Adult Events/Nursing Homes

Prison Ministry Events/Recovery Centers

Sweetheart Dinner/Valentine's Day/Marriage Seminar

Pregnancy Centers/Pro-Life Events (My Special Pro-Life Song)

Full Evening Concert - Music, Testimony and Clean, Christian Comedy

Church Service - Full Service or a Few Special Music Selections (Hymns and Originals)

Thank you for looking over my schedule and information. As the Lord leads, please contact me:

Thank you for your message. I'll get back to you as soon as possible
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