Kira Shcherbakova


  Christian Singer/Songwriter

Booking Policy

Financial Expectations: I come for a love offering - minimum $500 - and travel reimbursement. (Reasoning below.) (Exceptions can be made for private events - weddings/funerals and those that are close to my location.)

Travel Reimbursement: If driving, I request $0.25/mile, round trip. So if you're 600 miles from me, that's $300 for travel reimbursement. My location is just outside of Philadelphia, PA. If flying is less expensive, I can do that. I always choose the least expensive travel option to lessen the burden on the church.

If I need to fly to your church, I will need reimbursement of travel expenses right away, at the time of booking the travel (flight, airport parking and rental car.) Receipts will be provided. If you need to cancel/reschedule, I'll cancel what I can (airport parking, car rental) and refund your reimbursement for those things, but will keep the amount to cover non-refundable expenses, usually plane tickets. The least expensive plane tickets are non-refundable and those are the ones I buy, to decrease expenses. Thank you for understanding.

Lodging: If your church is more than three hours from home, I'll need a place to stay, preferably with a family. (Hotels are lonely.)


Ladies' Retreat/Luncheon

Fundraiser - Music & Comedy

Senior Adult Events/Nursing Homes

Prison Ministry Events/Recovery Centers

Sweetheart Dinner/Valentine's Day/Marriage Seminar

Pregnancy Centers/Pro-Life Events (My Special Pro-Life Song)

Full Evening Concert - Music, Testimony and Clean, Christian Comedy

Church Service - Full Service or a Few Special Music Selections (Hymns and Originals)

Reasoning for Minimum Offering and Travel Reimbursement: This is my fifth year of music ministry and I spent the first four coming to any church for a love offering of any amount and no required travel reimbursement. This seemed to be the Christian thing to do, but it proved to be unsustainable. Many churches were very generous, but there were also times when I spent a whole weekend traveling for a church and the love offering didn't even cover my travel expenses. A few times there were cancelations and I was left with non-refundable plane tickets that the church was not willing to reimburse.

God is my provider and He tells me to be wise and a good steward of the gifts and time He has given me. I want to obey God in serving Him through this music ministry and as a good wife and mother, so I've learned to be selective of the time I take away from my family. I'm happy to come to your church and I hope you will forgive me for my direct and candid financial policy. Please contact me below
if you have suggestions of how to do this better. Thank you for understanding and I do hope to hear from you and to come sing for your congregation.

Thank you for looking over my schedule and information. As the Lord leads, please contact me:

Thank you for your message. I'll get back to you as soon as possible
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